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Residentie United Cowboys – January-April 2021

Since mid-January I have been in residence at Arthouse United Cowboys in Eindhoven, in one of the workspaces in the Arthouse. During a working period of three months, new sculptures were created from found materials, the sculptures play the leading role in films and performance material. The sculptures act as props, set pieces and antagonists, creating new environments, movements and combinations.

A public presentation, as planned on 1 and 2 May, can because of the Covid restrictions not take place. That is why I make a digital presentation to conclude this residency period. This will include process images, film images of performances and an essay about my work written by Linda Köke. (I will publish the digital presentation at the beginning of May)


Hoogtij #64 Das Leben Am Haverkamp

Online preview of my Solo Exhibition at Das Leben Am Haverkamp, The Hague, presented last night during online version of Hoogtij #64.

see full version on



Winter Ritual (postponed till next year)
In collaboration with Theater Artemis and Composer Bart de Vrees

For this project I made Mobile Installations with people packed inside & Props for a Ritual that would have taken place January 2021. 


Social Aspects #9, Derde Wal Nijmegen

During ‘Social Aspects’ Verrijt considered the public space as his decor, where he created new scenes and environmental collages. A search for the tension between the ordinary and the unusual, the everyday and the deviant. A way of confronting the public space with unusual participants in the street. Projects in which he appropriated the public outdoor space as decor, where social interventions take place with his mobile installations and rituals.

Project made possible by: Gemeente Nijmegen, Provincie Gelderland, Stichting Stokroos, Mondriaan Fonds.


artist-in-residence AVL Mundo, July-August 2020

AVL Mundo’s artist-in-residence
July-August 2020 
AVL Mundo’s artist-in-residence
July-August 2020

During the residency at AVL Mundo Verrijt worked on a series of installations, performances and made film scenes. New ‘scenes’ in which Verrijt creates his own archetypes.

AVL Mundo has been hosting an Artist-in-Residence Program since 2017. This summer I am one of the two artist that are invited to create at AVL Mundo. I create three-dimensional collages at various locations, the collages will come together in a new installation. Made possible by @mondriaanfonds 


‘Many thanks to Mondriaan Fonds for the Stipendium for Emerging Artists!!!’


Tuesday May 19 2020, Ghost Art Projects, article:


Article in The Low Countries written by Maarten Buser:

In de Greep van de Naald, het Oog & de Draad (TAC Eindhoven)

Schermafbeelding 2020-03-20 om 14.15.38


De Processie, Nijmeegse Kunstnacht, Derde Wal (21 September j.l.)


De Processie in Baarle Nassau (25 augustus j.l.):


Voorstelling in De Fabriek Eindhoven:

Documentatie van de Voorstelling in De Fabriek Eindhoven:
Kijk hier voor een uitgebreider overzicht van mijn werk en procesmateriaal:

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