Wessel Verrijt (1992, Eindhoven) builds sculptures that play the leading role as “entities” within his rituals. In the rituals he creates, his props, set and protagonists come together to form a immersive installation. Within the immersive installations there is a fine line between art, theater and choreography, in order to create a new mythology of symbols and meaning.

‘’He graduated at St. Joost School of Art & Design in 2018 with ‘the Parade of the Autonomous’: a travelling show of moving sculptures or sculptural characters. The journey itself seems to be one of the important concepts for Verrijt both within his work as well as for his way of working: since graduating he has been moving all along, even leaving behind the sacred space of the artist – the studio – in search for the new land, or, less poetically, the temporary space or residency. He draws inspiration from these new settings and adapts to them, works with them and lives in them. His work has to be adjusted to the new context every time, and in doing so it changes meaning and picks up new references. He crosses different territories: art, theatre, performance, choreography and film, to name the obvious. At the same time, what is important is that the journey goes forward, never stopping too long in one particular place. It is this urgent feeling of moving forward that drives Verrijt, although there probably isn’t a set destination: the journey is also the story.’’ (Paul Segers, July 2021)

In May 2020, the Mondriaan Fund awarded Verrijt with the Stipendium for Emerging Artists. In 2021 he presented a first solo exhibition at Das Leben am Haverkamp (The Hague). In the same year Verrijt did residencies at Art House United-C (Eindhoven) and ARV.International (Vishovgrad, Bulgaria). Verrijt has previously presented and/or resided at De Vishal (Haarlem), De Fabriek (Eindhoven), Extrapool (Nijmegen), Temporary Art Centre (Eindhoven), Geeraard de Duivelsteen (Gent), Derde Wal (Nijmegen), Marres (Maastricht).

Scenographic Approach

Verrijt approaches his work from a scenographic perspective. An approach in which immersive installations are seen as a set in which the sculptural work serves as a catalyst for action. A construction in which the sculptural work can fulfill the role of set piece, prop, as well as protagonist within films and performances. Verrijt regards the sculptural works as ‘entities’ that are mobile and can move. During residencies at AVL Mundo (2020, Rotterdam), Arthouse United Cowboys (2021, Eindhoven) and ARV.International (2021, Vishovgrad, Bulgaria) he experimented with the scenographic approach to work.

Verrijt’s work can be seen as an amalgam whole, an organism where objects and materials are connected as living entities with each other and the spectator. A flow of materials that travels from sculpture to sculpture, in a state of constant transition. Verrijt collects the material he uses for the installations at the location where he is currently working: on construction sites, in alleys and containers. He collects cardboard boxes, pieces of polystyrene foam or other discarded items with which he then creates new sculptures.

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